Areas of Practice

Walther, Gay & Mack, PLC is a Lexington, Kentucky law firm concentrating its practice in the fields of real estate law, employment law, education law, general civil litigation, bankruptcy law, collections law, governmental affairs, and corporate law.

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Walther, Gay & Mack, PLC’s real estate team provides a full range of legal and consultation services for all aspects of real estate transactions, including working with clients through the negotiation and closing process for both residential and commercial construction, development, purchase, sale, leasing and financing. Other aspects of our real estate practice include zoning, land use and other regulatory matters, mortgage foreclosures and mechanics lien issues. Our real estate team performs title examinations throughout the state of Kentucky.

For our commercial clients, Walther, Gay & Mack, PLC provides consultation and legal services regarding office, condominium, retail, shopping center, large residential and commercial development, condemnation/eminent domain and foreclosure work.

For our individual clients, we have experience in enforcement of property rights, mortgage and title issues, easements, covenants and restrictions and utilities.

Business owners, investors, land developers, buyers, sellers and lenders look to Walther, Gay & Mack, PLC to handle the details of each of their transactions in a thorough and time-efficient manner. The attorneys of Walther, Gay & Mack, PLC are authorized agents of Stewart Title Company and are the proud representatives of financial institutions, title companies, local real estate developers, builders and real estate brokers and agents throughout central Kentucky.

The Walther, Gay & Mack, PLC Real Estate Practice Group is headed by partners Jonathan L. Gay and Erica K. Mack.

Walther, Gay & Mack, PLC attorneys have a wide range of experience in Labor and Employment matters which allows us to offer exceptional service to our clients.

There are two stages to the services we most frequently offer: First, we assist our clients through counseling, investigation, and review of their employment practices to help avoid litigation and provide an efficient workplace within the requirements of the law. Frequent issues arise concerning the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, employment discrimination, contract disputes, and wrongful termination. Our attorneys have extensive experience to help our clients navigate these and other Labor and Employment issues with minimal disruption to their businesses.

Second, we are fully prepared to assist our clients should the need for litigation arise. We regularly represent clients before state administrative boards, the Equal Employment Opportunities Commission, and in state and federal courts on the full spectrum of Labor and Employment issues. Our goal is to protect our clients’ rights to the fullest extent possible through trial, and if necessary, appeal.

Walther, Gay & Mack, PLC attorneys possess the experience to efficiently advise business and individual clients regarding Labor and Employment issues. Our experience includes the following: Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, anti-competition covenants, contract disputes, discrimination and retaliation claims under Title VII and the Kentucky Civil Rights Act, drafting employment contracts, drafting and updating employment policies / handbooks, claims under the Kentucky Whistleblower’s Act, and wrongful termination.

Walther, Gay & Mack, PLC also provides seminars and reference materials for businesses or other associations regarding the requirements of and compliance with state and federal laws.

The Walther, Gay & Mack, PLC Labor and Employment Practice Group consists of partners Jeffrey S. WaltherErica K. MackW. Scott Hunt.

The attorneys of Walther, Gay & Mack, PLC represent both educational institutions and Kentucky public school teachers. Our firm represents the University of Kentucky on issues ranging from discrimination claims by employees to lease issues on Greek housing.

We also are proud to represent Kentucky’s teachers on the entire spectrum of issues they face concerning employment and certification. Walther, Gay & Mack, PLC has represented hundreds of teachers as counsel selected by the Kentucky Educational Association (KEA). Our attorneys build on this experience and the firm’s related experience in Employment Law to protect teachers’ rights. Our attorneys are well versed in the Kentucky Teacher Tenure Act and the attendant appeal rights. Walther, Gay & Mack, PLC attorneys frequently appear before administrative tribunals, state and federal courts, the Kentucky Education Professional Standards Board, and the Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services.

Our practice in Education Law includes the following issues: civil rights claims against universities and public school districts, teacher certification, and teacher hiring, tenure, and dismissal.

The Walther, Gay & Mack, PLC Education Law Practice Group consists of partners Jeffrey S. WaltherErica K. Mack, W. Scott Hunt.

Walther, Gay & Mack, PLC’s attorneys have the experience to successfully litigate a wide variety of civil matters. Our attorneys frequently appear in state and federal courts representing clients on Employment Law, Bankruptcy Law, and Corporate Law issues. Our firm also has extensive experience defending and asserting a variety of Civil Rights claims and representing creditors Collection Law issues.

We assist clients at all stages of the litigation process. We provide assistance evaluating claims and attempting to resolve matters short of litigation. We have attorneys with extensive formal mediation training, and we possess skills useful to resolving disputes without the expense and strain of litigation. However, when litigation cannot be avoided, our experienced trial attorneys are prepared to fully protect our clients’ rights through trial and all stages of appeal.

The Walther, Gay & Mack, PLC Litigation Practice Group consists of partners Jeffrey S. Walther, Jonathan L. GayErica K. MackW. Scott Hunt, and associates Victoria F. Dickson and John K. Wood.

Walther, Gay & Mack, PLC has one of the largest Bankruptcy Practice Groups in Lexington, Kentucky. We have substantial experience in representing secured and unsecured creditors, Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Trustees, equity holders, landlords, tenants, franchisees, title insurance companies, and Chapter 11 Unsecured Creditors’ Committees in bankruptcy matters. Walther, Gay & Mack, PLC’s bankruptcy attorneys have experience in the myriad of issues that arise in Chapter 7 liquidations, Chapter 11 reorganizations, Chapter 12 farm bankruptcies, and Chapter 13 proceedings.

Specifically, Walther, Gay & Mack, PLC’s Bankruptcy Practice Group’s experience includes, but is not limited to, the following areas: claims issues, prosecution and defense of avoidance actions including fraudulent conveyances and preferences under both the Bankruptcy Code and Kentucky statutes, recovery and administration of estate assets, first-day motions, cash collateral issues, adversary proceedings of all types, including objections to dischargability of debts, disclosure statement and plan approval and confirmation issues, valuation hearings, lease matters, lien and mortgage avoidance, and automatic stay and discharge injunction issues.

The Walther, Gay & Mack, PLC Bankruptcy Practice Group consists of partners Jonathan L. GayStephen BarnesW. Scott Hunt, and associate Victoria F. Dickson.

Walther, Gay & Mack, PLC’s Collections Practice Group works with a variety of creditors in attempting to collect commercial and consumer debts from individuals and businesses. Our Collections Practice Group has substantial experience in collecting secured and unsecured debts through out-of-court negotiations and workouts, as well as through litigation in state and federal venues, including pre-judgment and post-judgment collection matters. Walther, Gay & Mack, PLC collections attorneys are knowledgeable and experienced in the field of foreclosures, landlord and tenant law, bankruptcy, and real estate.

The Walther, Gay & Mack, PLC Collection Practice Group consists of partners Jonathan L. GayStephen Barnes, and W. Scott Hunt.

Walther, Gay & Mack, PLC assists clients in a wide range of activities including legislative and regulatory advocacy, drafting legislation, establishing strategies concerning future or pending legislation, providing representation in state and federal litigation, and counseling for the purpose of avoiding litigation.

The Walther, Gay & Mack, PLC Government Affairs Practice Group consists of partners Jeffrey S. Walther, Jonathan L. GayErica K. Mack  and W. Scott Hunt.

Walther, Gay & Mack, PLC’s Corporate Practice Group assists our clients at all stages of business formation and planning. We assist our clients in the organization of new businesses and the reorganization, sale, or purchase of existing businesses. Walther, Gay & Mack, PLC’s Corporate Practice Group’s experience also includes, but is not limited to, commercial contracts, real estate transactions, commercial transactions, landlord-tenant issues, employment issues, taxation, and federal, state, and local governmental compliance and permit issues.

The Walther, Gay & Mack, PLC Corporate and Commercial Practice Group consists of partners Jonathan L. Gay and Stephen Barnes, and associate Patricia J. Ballard.

Walther, Gay & Mack, PLC attorneys provide a wide range of legal services focused on the construction industry and assist our clients on a nationwide basis. We provide counseling and legal advice on a broad range of topics, including project documentation, project terminations, bond and insurance claims, contract negotiations, claim avoidance and dispute resolution. Our knowledge and experience attracts clients from the entire spectrum of the construction industry, including contractors, subcontractors, owners, architects, engineers, lending institutions, real estate developers and others. We work to resolve disputes and provide assistance in evaluating claims in a cost effective and efficient manner.

The Walther, Gay & Mack, PLC Construction Law Practice Group is headed by partner Jonathan L. Gay.

Walther, Gay & Mack, PLC’s Estate & Probate Practice Group is focused on finding the best way to carry out the goals of its clients to simplify difficult times for loved ones, provide for orderly and cost-effective succession of assets, and provide peace of mind for all involved.  This process includes preparation of documents such as living wills, advanced directives, powers of attorney, wills, and trusts, and continues through the probate process.

The Walther, Gay & Mack, PLC Estate & Probate Law Practice Group is headed by partner Jonathan L. Gay and associate Victoria F. Dickson.

Walther, Gay & Mack represents individuals who are the victims of medical malpractice, automobile accidents, and other acts of negligence.  

The Walther, Gay & Mack, PLC Personal Injury Law Practice Group is headed by partners Jeffrey S. Walther, Jonathan L. GayErica K. Mack and W. Scott Hunt.

Walther, Gay & Mack is committed to the most efficient and cost effective means of resolving issues faced by our clients.  In many cases, Alternative Dispute Resolution or ADR mechanisms are the means to that end.  ADR typically means the use of mediation (a non-binding settlement discussion utilizing the services on an independent third party mediator) or arbitration (a trial type process utilizing an independent arbitrator empowered to render a decision binding on the parties).  The attorneys at Walther, Gay & Mack have participated in numerous mediations and arbitrations, resulting in successful outcomes for our clients. 

Jeffrey S. Walther is a panel Arbitrator with the American Arbitration Association.

Walther, Gay & Mack, PLC has experience representing clients seeking zoning changes to help their businesses grow.  Walther, Gay & Mack, PLC also has experience representing government entities in land use and zoning issues which attract media attention and require a considered and strategic approach.  The experience gained from successfully representing a variety of interests allows Walther, Gay & Mack, PLC to assist in resolving disputes efficiently and effectively.

The Walther, Gay & Mack, PLC Land Use and Zoning Law Practice Group is headed by partners Jonathan L. Gay and Erica K. Mack.